Grease servovit

Grease Servovit produced by Balt Mobil LLC

Grease is supplied in plastic pails of 0.9; 5.0; 10; 20 kg

Metal-polymer plastic grease "Servovit"

    Metal-polymer grease "SERVOVIT" contains functional additives and micro-filling particles proportional to friction surfaces' irregularities. No oxidation of friction surfaces occurs when using Servovit grease. Under action of Servovit grease friction implies restorative behaviour and surfaces become covered by servovit film (up to 2µm thick).

Separating layer is formed due to active application of selective transfer phenomena (wearlessness effect) as a grease filler content derivate. Servovit film also provides more efficient heat transfer in comparisson to market product range greases.

   low friction coefficient;

   prevents seizures, galling and friction micro-welds;

   operation temperature range -40 to 140°C (150°C short);

   prevents fretting-corrosion;

   has vibration damping properties;

   extremely water-resistant;

   high speed and load range;

Наименование показателя Метод испытания Показатель

Внешнийвид Однороднаямазь светло-коричневого цветасрозоватым оттенком Однородная мазь светло-коричневого цвета с розоватым оттенком
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"SERVOVIT" grease in comparisson to market product range

  Extends bearings lifetime by 200% and more;

  significantly decreases grease consumption;

  optimises labour expenditures and manpower effort;

  reduces wear and abrasive particle scratching by 30 - 50% over galling index;

Use of "SERVOVIT" grease can substitute any lithium, calcium and complex-calcium grease, thus unifying grease range in use.

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