Grease servovit-DC

Grease is supplied in plastic tubes – 1kg,

plastic pails – 5; 10; 20kg

Metal-polymer plastic grease "Servovit-DC"

     "SERVOVIT-DC" grease contains functional additives that include metal and polymer micro-filling particles proportional to friction surfaces' irregularities, providing high adhesion and anti-seizure properties.

    Due to specific grease contents a separating metal-polymer film (1÷2 µm thick) is formed during friction that reduces hydrogen wear and separates friction surfaces, thus significantly reducing seizures, galling and friction micro-welds.

    Separating layer is formed due to active application of selective transfer phenomena (wearlessness effect) as a grease filler content derivate.

   low friction coefficient;

   high adhesion and stickiness facilitate efficient transfer through wheels of a rolling stock to non-smeared railway sections;

   prevents seizures, galling and friction micro-welds;

   reduced wear-in period of wheel-to-rail;

   has vibration damping properties;

   reduces hydrogen wear;

   extremely water-proof;

Наименование показателя Метод испытания Показатель

Внешнийвид Однороднаямазь светло-коричневого цветасрозоватым оттенком Однородная мазь светло-коричневого цвета с розоватым оттенком
Температуракаплепадения, °С 154 ГОСТ6793-74
Пенетрация при 25°С, с переме-шиванием, мм•10-1 1 1
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Weight of loaded SE-3 (with 1 kg of grease) is 4.5 kg

Rail greaser SE-3

SE-3 Rail greaser has been developed in developed in close cooperation with employees of Latvian railway (LDZ);

Ease of use and simplicity of design allows you to quickly cope with the lubrication of railway curves;

Using the SE-3 rail grease reduces lubricant consumption, as well as increases productivity and work culture;

      easy to use;


      does not require electricity;

      requires no maintenance costs;


"SERVOVIT-DC" grease in comparisson to market product range

  reduces wear of rail tracks 2 and more times in comparison with graphite lubricants;

  retains plasticity at low temperatures;

  Has excellent pumpability, thus can be applied at temperatures down to -10°C by "SE-3" manual rail greaser and at temperatures down to -30°C by stationary rail greasers like "LINCOLN", "PC-05-01" and other similar;

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