Grease servovit-SI eco

grease servovit-SI eco dedicated for lubrication of railway sliding blocks and heel plates

Grease is supplied in plastic and PET cans 5L

Polymer plastic grease "Servovit-SI eco"

    Semi-liquid polymer grease implements a low friction coefficient copper-PTFE film, on friction surfaces giving the friction surfaces easy slip even in absence of a visible layer of lubrication that makes it possible to reduce the risk of clogging when surfaces are not timely lubricated.

    Grease is made from mineral products with a short period of degradation into harmless substances in comparison to petrochemical materials. As base oil, mineral and vegetable oils are used.

    Polymer grease "Servovit-SI eco" can be applied by brush or by using a manual pressure sprinkler with capacity of 6 litres.

   an all-season grease complies with its functions at ambient temperature ranging from -30 to 70°C;

   has low shear strength, which ensures stable presence of grease in the friction contact, also excludes sticking and heavy stroke of point blades;

   prevents seizure and galling of surfaces;

   reduces action of any abrasive trapped in a contact zone;

   reduces hydrogen wear in several times;

   reduces wear of surfaces in comparisson to mineral lubricants;

   has a specific gravity greater than 1;

Наименование показателя Метод испытания Показатель

Внешнийвид Однороднаямазь светло-коричневого цветасрозоватым оттенком Однородная мазь светло-коричневого цвета с розоватым оттенком
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special device for applying grease servovit-SI eco dedicated for lubrication of railway sliding blocks and heel plates

Loaded device weight (with 5L lubrication) is 6.5 kg

Switch plates greaser

The device is intended to simplify maintenance of railway switches;

Wide operating temperature range of the device as well as of "Servovit-SI eco" grease allows you to use one device for the whole year;

Efficient volume of the device is 6 liters, which is enough for greasing 6-8 railway switches during one month.

      the easy to use;


      does not require electricity;

      no maintenance costs;


"SERVOVIT-SI eco" grease in comparisson to market product range

  grease provides smooth switch of at greasing frequency of once in two or three weeks;

  it has high water resistance and adhesion to metals, while easy to be applied even on wet surfaces;

  is high resistant to water wash-out;

  the grease is quickly and technologically is applied by the rail switch greaser even at low temperatures (-20°C);

  grease consumption is 30÷50 cl per switch plate (heel plate);

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