Metal-Polymer plastic grease that include metal containing additives (metal powder, oxides, alloys, salts, complex- and other compounds) organize a buffering separation film between friction surfaces.

    Self-organized film (several atomic layers to 1-2µm thick) on friction pair surfaces provides high anti-friction properties. The film has strong chemical and electronic bond with base metal.

    Traditionall fight against wear in internal cumbustion engines involves use of more sophisticated and complex oils, such as synthetic oils with reinforced oil film resistivity.

    However even a complex oil film separating friction surfaces cannot act as safe protection, oil film tends to break under pressure of frtiction parts, thus failing to resist micro seizure (welding) of micro protrusions, deformation and metal fatigue.

In search of new ways to improve wear resistance of machine parts it is worth looking back to wild nature. Analysis of loaded friction units - joints of living organisms: bones are covered with soft cartilage, which are covered by a thin moving polymer film. Thus in friction pair of a joint two same type materials are interracting - soft on soft. Such friction pair in living organisms are universal junctions being under zero-wear effect condition.

Technical publications of "Zero-wear effect" discovery co-author, prof. D.Garkunov

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