About ..overcoming friction since 1994

Balt Mobil SIA

    "Balt Mobil" LLC was founded in 1994, the main activity of the company is the development and implementation of materials, methods and technologies aimed at solving problems related to improving the service life of machines and mechanisms.

    The firm offers research laboratory and equipment to conduct independent studies of friction and wear processes and lubricants testing. Through years we have developed and implemented a number of new materials and technologies to reduce wear and increase service life of machines and mechanisms.

    Developed high-performance metal-polymer grease "Servovit" is in use on more than 20 companies of Latvia gave the opportunity to reduce consumption of lubricants several times and extend the life of the bearings, rails by 2 and more times.

    Anti-wear and wear-in additive "STANOIL" is used in diesel engines, compressors, gearboxes, car engines, marine engines; it reduces the wear-in time, increases efficiency and capacity, increases service life of machine parts is 1.5 or more times, reduces emissions of internal combustion engines by 10 times or more.

    Friction coating "AAT" applied to the shafts of pumps and turbines, gears, pinion drives, train wheel flange allowed to increase their share by 30 ─ 400 % !

    The company is constantly working on improving existing and exploring new methods of improving durability of machines and mechanisms, in cooperation with Russian and European experts in the field of friction and wear of materials.

    SIA Balt Mobil also provides PCB design and production support.

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